We want to help you provide a safer environment in your residential care facilities. Monitor the location of your clients and staff accurately, indoors or outdoors. Detect hazardous situations and minimize incident response time. Make better business decisions with real-time and historical traffic data. Our Safety+ Indoor Positioning Solution (IPS) platform is a fully managed cloud service that is easy to install and does not require expensive wiring or construction.

Location and Monitoring

Identify the exact position, movement and proximity of people or assets in real time. The Safety+ platform can identify the location in three dimensions, whether indoors or outdoors, with average accuracy of 15 centimeters.

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Nurse Call

Our Peace of Mind bracelet features an integrated Nurse Call button for both residents and staff, which identifies the person in distress and their location.

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Alert staff members when a specific resident is detected near a point of interest, such as an out of bounds area or a hostile resident. Notifications offer more freedom to residents who may otherwise need to be confined to a supervised or controlled area.

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Data Analytics

Measure and visualize data by time and zone to increase your understanding of how residents, staff, and visitors interact with your space. Leverage trends to optimize space utilization, correct congested traffic patterns, and identify potential operational inefficiencies or safety improvements.

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Family Reports

Offer the family members of your residents an overview of their activities and behaviours. Reports can be customized to include various insights, such as dwell times in rooms, interaction reports and mealtime check-ins.

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Mobile Apps

Simplify staff procedures using our companion Android app, which allows staff to view, respond to and clear notifications.

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