Management Features

Management of the service is provided via an easy to use, web-based dashboard that can be accessed from any device with a network connection.

User Profiles

Add, update and remove users, such as administrative staff and residential care workers. Grant access to individual users or groups.


Register and manage wearables that are used by your staff, residents, regular visitors and even temporary onsite contractors.


Manage geofences or 'virtual boundaries' around defined areas or even individuals. Define rules for alerting staff when devices approach, enter or exit a geofenced area.

Locating and Monitoring

During setup, the layout and floor plan of your facility or campus is mapped and entered into your console. The real time location of every registered device may be monitored in the Map Panel.


View and monitor the location of every active device (a device that is 'pinging') on a digital map of your facility or campus.

Care Schedules

Create and monitor virtual 'rounds', such as medication distribution and skin care checks, to ensure sufficient care protocols are being maintained.


View additional details of staff members, residents, visitors or contractors by mousing over their registered device in the Map Panel.

Heat Map

Display the real time heat distribution of devices. Locations with several devices will show up as 'hot spots'.

Battery Alerts

Receive alerts on wearable devices when the remaining battery life drops to a minimum critical level (that you can configure).

Slip and Fall

Receive resident slip and fall audible and text notifications on registered staff devices.

Nurse Call

Allow residents and staff alike to request assistance anywhere in your facility with our proprietary Peace of Mind bracelet that features an integrated Nurse Call button.

Identity & Location

Nurse Call requests identify the name and location of the person making the request.

Map View

The exact location of Nurse Call requests are indicated on the Map Panel.


Elevate the urgency of staff requests by setting a higher priority..


Once geofences have been defined, you may establish rules that will initiate a responses if violated. The default breach protocol is to send an audible and text alert to all registered onsite staff devices.

Person to Person

Receive an alert when a particular resident is within a specified range of another identified resident.

Person to Zone

Define custom rules for specific residents, a group of residents, or all residents entering or leaving different geofenced zones.

Theft Prevention

Track expensive equipment with tags and configure alerts to be sent when equipment leaves a zone.

Data Analytics

Visualize the data collected from your facility through our enterprise dashboard to better understand how individuals interact with the environment and each other. Filter data by geofenced area and time period to help develop more effective operational protocols and circulation patterns.

Visit Counts

Observe total visit, unique visit, first-time visit, and repeat visit counts to a geofenced zone or individual during a selected time interval.

Resident behaviours

Monitor resident behavious by reviewing average number of hours asleep, hours in room, night awakenings and activity attendance.

Zone Counts

Identify the average number of zones visited during a specified time period.

Dwell time

Gain insight into the average duration of interaction between residents and zones, such as a recreation or dining area, or with geofenced staff members.

Recency of Visits

Count the average number of days since the last recorded visit for devices to a specific geofenced zone or person, such as a fitness area or nurse.


View time spent with staff and other residents.

Zone Utility

Identify the average percent of devices that have interacted with a geofenced zone or person at least one per day, once per week, or once per month.

Safety Incidents

Receive an overview of the notifications and alerts received for a time interval, which may be filtered by geofenced zone or person, if applicable.

Summary Module

Receive an overview of the number of devices in a zone and how long they stay.

Family Reports

Promote transparency by providing the family members of your residents a period or on-demand report. Family Reports may be customized to provide information related to specific habits and behaviors.


Show how residents are inhabiting their home by providing dwell times in different zones and within their own room.


Report the amount of time specific residents spend with staff and other residents.


Provide peace of mind to families by reporting on sleep patterns, night awakenings, meal time and activity attendance.

Mobile App

Download our companion Android app on your staff devices to simplify and streamline operations protocols.


Sign in to the app with the same credentials you use to access the operations console.


View, respond to and instantly clear notifications and Nurse Call requests.


Provide additional information when clearing notification by choosing from preconfigured phrases.

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