Safety+ Platform Components

The Safety+ Indoor Positioning solution is an integrated system that uses innovative technologies to improve accuracy and reduce risk.

  • Emitters

    Wearables give off a signal, known as a 'ping', in order to locate a wireless network.

  • Receivers

    Sensing devices or networks collect the data received from the wearables.

  • Software

    Cloud-based processing engines evaluate the data and deliver results to web or mobile apps.

  • Third Party Systems

    Existing systems, such as access control entry systems, may be seamlessly integrated into Safety+.

Safety+ Components

Safety+ Interfaces

The Safety+ Operations Console and Enterprise Dashboard allow your administrators and staff to interact with the entire system. Our companion Android app facilitates anywhere access and features the ability to clear notifications instantly. Due to the extensive features and options that may be requested, we offer the following:

  • Initial configuration and branding
  • Custom access levels for users or groups
  • 24/7 access, regardless of location
  • On site training and support
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